Safety Direct offers a line of permanent roof anchors that are attached to the roof trusses during construction. They provide a secure anchor point for workers doing periodic inspections or routine maintenance.

The MRTA1 Tri-Truss roof anchor is constructed from galvanized steel and attaches to three trusses.

The MSRA2 low profile roof anchor is designed to be attached and covered with the ridge cap shingles. Since there is no penetration through the roof membrane, this anchor gives a leak proof installation. Constructed from stainless steel for long life and durablity, it exceeds the minimum 5000 pound (22.2 kilonewton) breaking strength. The MSRA2 provides an anchor point for one worker on either side of the roof.

The MSRA3 truss mount roof anchor has the same features as the MSRA2 but provides only a single attachment point. It attaches to the roof truss on three sides giving it a higher strength rating than the MSRA2.